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mysqldump Backups

We login to your shell server and connect to MySQL to execute the backup job. This is typically recommended for VPS like Digital Ocean, Linode, etc. Please make sure that a shell server is already configured in your server list.

File Backups

We login to your server and download all the specified files. Currently, backups are available for SFTP / SHELL servers and S3 bucket. Please make sure that the server is already configured in the project before moving ahead.

Remote MySQL Backups

We connect to your MySQL server remotely. This is typically recommended for MySQL servers on Shared hosts viz. GoDaddy, Hostgator, etc. Please note that you need to activate remote access for MySQL server.

Backup to Your Own Server

We backup to your remote FTP/SFTP server or a S3 bucket. As an added bonus, the retention count is also maintained on your remote server. It's simple, hassle free and works seamlessly for you.

On Demand Backups

We run your backups on a schedule you specify. There might arise some situations where you need to perform an immediate backup of your database or files. Our on-demand backup service takes care of that with a single click.

Backup Retention

Backup retention helps you to decide the number of copies you need to retain. Specify a count of backup copies you want to retain and we will do the rest for you.